The “Learning Plan: Introduction to IP knowledge for University Students”, provides a general overview of the different Intellectual Property rights and their protection in EU.
This learning plan has been structured to cover all the main areas of intellectual property law and IP rights (trademarks, designs, copyright, patents).
As IP can be found nowadays in all industries, apart from the mandatory courses, the learning plan includes also a list of suggested courses focused on specific sectors where IP is applied
All the courses in the list below will provide you with an individual certificate of completion. Once all courses are completed a general certificate of completion for this activity will be issued.

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Learning Plan courses

Not started European Union Trade Mark (EUTM) in a Nutshell 2019 (Basic level) (with certificate)

This is an eLearning course presenting core information related to the European Union trade mark (EUTM) and the scope and functioning of the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO). It reflects the legislative changes which entered into force on 1st October 2017.   There are 8 modules with an estimated learning time of 4 hours. The Value of a Trade Mark What is a T...

240 min. EN 28/11/2018
Not started Registered Community Design (RCD) in a Nutshell 2019 (Basic level) (with certificate)

This is an eLearning course presenting core information about the Registered Community Design (RCD) system. There are 7 modules with an estimated learning time of 3.5 hours. The benefits of industrial designs What is a design right? The requirements for a design right Obtaining designs rights in Europe How to register an industrial design with the EUIPO Invalidity procedure A...

210 min. EN 28/11/2018
Not started IP as Valuable Business Assets

We aim to help you identify Intellectual Property and how to use it to your competitive advantage by identifying the different IP rights in relation to a jukebox.The objectives of this course are to:Recognise IP and some forms of IPDescribe the main characteristics of each form of IPAssess how to obtain and use your IP.

30 min. EN 24/02/2020
Not started Webinar: Protected Geographical Indications and Protected Designations of Origin (Intermediate level) (with Certificate)

The Geographical Indications and protected designations of origin is the “the rural intellectual property right” that prevent misuse, imitation or evocation. We can consider it as a fundamental right. To understand the importance of GIs we can just mention the 3400 GIs in the EU registers and 1533 GIs protected under agreements. The main attribute of GIs is: Rural IPR, Guarantee authenticity ...

58 min. EN 19/09/2018
Not started IPTV crime in the European Union

Television broadcasting is big business for legal media providers but there is a dark underbelly of crime that exploits the opportunities provided by the Internet to illegally share television broadcast signals. In this webinar, the relevant legal landscape, the illegal business models applied and the existing countermeasures will be presented. The presentation is based on the EUIPO report 'Illega...

70 min. EN 18/05/2020
Not started Enforcement of IP protected horticultural produce

This webinar will provide an introduction of the breeding industry. The scope of PVRs and the main issues that right holders face in enforcing their IP rights as well as dive into the practical use and application of EU law enforcement instruments. IPLawIPREnforcement series course.Speakers: Antonio VILLARROEL, Secretary General of ANOVE (Spanish Plant Breeders Association) and Chairma...

57 min. EN 24/07/2019
Not started Webinar: Enforcement of IPR (Intermediate level) (with certificate)

IPR must be protected in the country in which the right holder wants to initiate legal action or to claim a prejudice. But International exhaustion of IPR is not universal: it does not exist in the EU, but may exist in your country (article 6). TRIPS covers minimum conditions of protection of IPR at civil, customs and criminal levels. the speakers analyse deeply the investigative steps to prosecut...

65 min. EN 14/05/2018