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    EUIPO and the EPO are pleased to publish the first part of their IP Teaching Kit online.

    It has been developed for university teachers whose students have little or no knowledge of intellectual property, and aims to give a basic yet comprehensive introduction to different IP rights, and the concept of IP as a whole.
    The European graduates of tomorrow will enter a labour market which is increasingly based on innovation and creativity. Our EUIPO/EPO IP Contribution study, published in September 2013, shows us that IPR-intensive industries (trade marks, designs, patents, copyright and geographical indications) provide 26% of employment in the EU.

    Moreover, 88% of the EU´s imports and 90% of the EU’s exports are accounted for by IPR-intensive industries.

    IP is a driving factor in the EU economy, and, thanks to the digital and technological revolutions of the past two decades, an increasingly important part of everyday life. Universities themselves deal with IP issues on a daily basis, in terms of research, technology transfer and management of their own IP portfolios.

    This IP Teaching Kit contains an extensive set of freely accessible teaching materials, developed by IP professionals from the EPO and EUIPO, and through strong cooperation and mutual support between the management and staff of the two organisations. It is one of the most comprehensive IP teaching resources in the world, and is available through the EUIPO Academy Learning Portal.

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