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    Do you need to file an invalidity action before the EUIPO based on Article 25(1)(b) CDR? Would you like to be sure that your evidence on disclosure of an earlier design will be accepted? Then this webinar is for you!

    How can you be sure that disclosure of an invoked earlier design is properly proved in registered Community design invalidity proceedings?

    This is a crucial question as it is the preliminary step for deciding on the lack of novelty or individual character of a contested registered design (which represent 90% of the RCD invalidity cases filed before the EUIPO).

    At this webinar you will learn about:

    •    the requirements related to the disclosure of an invoked earlier design;
    •    acceptable and non-acceptable forms of evidence to prove disclosure;
    •    how a disclosure event could be refuted owing to some exceptions.

    Plenty of practical examples will be discussed.

    After this webinar, you will have a greater understanding of the requirements for proving disclosure and will be more confident that the evidence you submit will uphold your claim.

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