Topic outline

  • Welcome to the EUIPO

    We are very pleased to know that you would like to join us for a virtual visit to the EUIPO.

    • How does this programme works?

      The Virtual School Visit programme consists of three parts:

      The preparation (approx. 45 min.) takes place, prior to the virtual visit, in class/at your school.  This part is vital to enjoy and actively participate in the virtual visit.

      Once we have confirmed the date of your visit, we will send you a link containing helpful content that will help you prepare for the visit.


      This is the central part of the programme where we will test what you already know and improve your knowledge of IP and the EU through a variety of educational games and fun activities.

      The virtual visit is arranged via MSTeams during one morning - approx. 2,5 hours. Once finished part 1 (preparation), you will receive instructions on how to connect to the virtual visit. 


      FOLLOW UP ("Stay tuned")

      This last part of the programme is optional, but we highly recommend it. It is a fantastic opportunity to stay connected with the world of intellectual property with a focus on young people, such as yourselves.

      Once finished part 2 (the virtual visit), you willl receive access to this last part of the programme.