• Introduction

      The Pan-European Seal Professional Traineeship Programme (the Pan-European Seal) is a comprehensive IP programme which bridges academia and the IP labour market.

      It is promoted in partnership by two of the world’s largest IP offices, the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) and the European Patent Office (EPO) together with their strategic University partners.

      The Pan-European Seal is an IP Programme that covers many academic areas. Through it, high-achieving young university graduates can access paid traineeships in EUIPO and the EPO, helping them get a foot in the door of the competitive world of IP through valuable on-the-job multicultural professional work experience.

      As our commitment to social responsibility, and in the context of the ongoing fight against high levels of youth unemployment in Europe, the Pan-European Seal will offer 100 traineeship posts every year, administered by both Offices (number of posts offered by each Office will be determined annually).

      • Traineeships

        The Pan-European Seal is a vehicle for early IP talent detection among Europe’s brightest and highest-achieving graduates. It targets young, aspiring IP professionals, who will be sponsored by the EUIPO and the EPO for one year-long, paid traineeships.

        Each member of the Pan-European Seal will be entitled to submit a yearly shortlist, selected according to own criteria, of 10 deserving candidates, five to EUIPO and five to the EPO no later than June each year, from which a yearly average of 100 trainees will be selected, according to each student’s profile and considering the Offices’ needs. Training will take place at the EUIPO or at the EPO, with a monthly training allowance, as well as other benefits.

        Trainees will also benefit from on-the-job coaching by staff, as well as online training and, if applicable, language courses.

        EUIPO Trainee Practical Dossier (Currently being updated)

        Information regarding traineeships at the EPO will be made available on the official website.

        Each Pan-European Seal Professional Traineeship Programme period will end with a Ceremony at each office to award the 10 best trainees with a merit diploma, and the rest of the trainees with attendance diplomas.

        Ideal Profile of the Pan-European Seal Trainee:

        • National from an EUIPO and/or EPO member state. A limited number of trainees may be selected from third countries.
        • Degree/Master in any of the eligible academic areas (in the case of the EPO, regarding the fields of search and examination, traineeships will also be open to final year students);
        • EUIPO candidates must have completed at least one online EUIPO Academy Learning Portal, while EPO might request at least 2 courses depending on the traineeship area.
        • Present (as a minimum) a certified B1 level (Common European Framework of Reference for languages) in one of the five working languages of the EUIPO (DE, EN, FR, IT, or ES) or one of the three working languages of the EPO (EN, FR and DE).
        • Participation in international programmes such as Erasmus, will be considered favourably.
        • Have customer service, organisational and prioritisation skills; communication skills; capacity to analyse problems and find appropriate solutions; ability to work independently as well as part of a team; responsibility, professionalism, flexibility and self-initiative.
        • eLearning

          Through its cooperation with strategic University partners, the Pan-European Seal offers an extensive catalogue of IP training materials, providing professional input to academic education and helping improve the professional qualifications of young graduates.

          Thus, through the Learning Portals of their respective Academies, both the EUIPO and the EPO will make available e-Learning material on IP and IP protection/enforcement produced by the Offices, as well as by other IP organisations. This will be provided, free of charge as a professional complement to partner Universities’ IP training syllabuses. The EPO’s eLearning portal also contains some content subject to payable fees.

          At the EUIPO Academy Learning Portal, all courses are structured according to different levels of IP knowledge and intensity – they can be used by absolute beginners as well as those who already have a good grounding in IP.


          Where to start:

                  The IP Teaching Kit has been co­-developed by the EUIPO and the EPO.

          • Activities

            EUIPO and EPO, under specific agreements, may support activities like IP conferences, IP Days and other initiatives promoted by its members in order to boost IP awareness and education.

            The EUIPO and the EPO will organise a supporting training activities and lectures for the trainees of both organisations, covering trademarks, designs, enforcement and patents.

            Lectures will be provided by EUIPO and EPO staff, representatives of the private sector, as well as invited Academics from Members of the Pan-European Seal.

            According to each Offices’ topics of interest, Academic research, both regarding Master and PhD thesis, as well as the publication of papers and other materials will be encouraged by the EUIPO and the EPO.

            • How to become a member

              The Pan-European Seal should not to be mistaken for any quality accreditation or certification process. Some Universities will be directly contacted by the EUIPO and/or the EPO, to take part in the programme. These contacts will be established in several phases.

              The implementation phase starting in September 2015, will involve the Universities that join the programme. In the meantime, the EUIPO is running a pilot phase with the European Intellectual Property Institute Network (EIPIN).

              A Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) will establish the terms and conditions under which the parties will cooperate in the fields of IP Awareness and Education under the framework of the Pan-European Seal. Its members will endeavour to promote the EUIPO Academy Learning Portal and EPO’s eLearning portal, as well as the use of the IP Teaching Kit, amongst their teachers and students, in particular through publication on their websites.

              The MoU proposal will be made available upon demonstration of interest in participating in the programme.


              Participation criteria (according to each University/ Academic area’s own specificity):

              • Universities already participating in EUIPO’s University Network (UniNet).
              • History of cooperation with EUIPO/EPO.
              • Participation in IP Networks (eg. EIPIN, EIPTN, ATRIP).
              • Universities’ IP Programmes (i.e. IP Centres; IP Courses -LL.M.; M.B.A.; Masters; PhD; Postdoc; etc. -or even IP contents, seminars, etc.) from EUIPO and EPO Member States.
              • IP and/or Transfer Technology Research Centres.
              • Cover the eligible Academic areas.
              • International mobility programmes (eg. Erasmus).
              • Multilingual teaching.
              • Use of eLearning tools.
              • ECTS Label achievement.
              • Supplement Diploma Label achievement.
              • THE (Times Higher Education) ranking.
              • CWTS Leiden Ranking.

              Universities that have not been contacted and that are interested in participating can apply to become a member of the Pan-European Seal by sending an email to


              • The Logo

                The EUIPO and the EPO will be granting the members of the Pan-European Seal, a non-exclusive, non-transferable, free of charge license to use the Pan-European Seal logo. The logo will be published on the members’ websites.

                The logo and any present or future related Intellectual Property Rights are and will remain of the sole property of the EUIPO and the EPO and it is represented by any of the two versions of the following sign (dark and light):

                • Members

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