Track on design: discovering the new RCD e-filing and solving your design doubts Intermediate New

Discover the EUIPO’s brand new electronic form for registered Community designs (RCDs) that guides you to file design applications in an easy and accessible way. Its new interface is adapted to all types of devices, has an improved performance and a set of services aiming to reduce possible deficiencies in your application. This demonstration-based webinar will provide you with an overview of ...

67 min. EN 25/10/2023 24/10/2023
When NOT to seek protection for a design Intermediate

Interested in optimising your design protection strategy? Then, identify the designs for which registration is objectively not a priority because of potential invalidity issues. In this webinar we will pinpoint some of the factors impacting the decision to register a design. Examples include: Was my design previously disclosed? If so, where and when? Is my design dictated by a function? ...

43 min. EN 20/10/2023 19/09/2023