Topic outline

  • The EUIPO is a key actor on the global scene for the development of IP rights. What are our actions? How do we support European businesses across the world? Which IP rights are impacted?

    This webinar discusses:

    • the actions the EUIPO implements, the target regions, the IP rights at stake and the concrete impact for European businesses and representatives. The EUIPO works with more than 50 IP rights offices and a wide range of actors to reach its objectives, such as local authorities, ministries, customs, police, judges, users and has deployed more than 10 experts locally;
    • the EUIPO’s specific actions and ways of supporting economic development and boosting EU businesses (how do we harmonise practices, promote IP rights tools, support legislative development, raise IP rights awareness).

    Are you interested in discovering IP rights behind the European frontiers and in the key actions led by the EUIPO to support the IP rights system in non-EU countries and for EU businesses? Then, this webinar is for you!

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