Topic outline

  • General

    This is the video recording of the workshop on alternative dispute resolution held on 2 July 2021 by EUIPO Boards of Appeal specialists to support the National IP Center of Georgia - Sakpatenti.

    The content is divided in 3 sessions aiming at presenting: 

    1. The different mediation techniques, the role of the different actors in mediation, the keys to a successful mediation and the principle of the mediation process.
    2. The duties of a mediator, the mediation working methodology and some successful mediation examples.
    3. A practical mediation case study in a trade mark matter.
    • Session 1


      Kirsten Bauch – Head of ADR Service  EUIPO

      Natalia KAPETANAKI – Boards of Appeal EUIPO

      Javier SORIANO – Boards of Appeal – EUIPO

      • Session 2


        Katarzyna ZAJFERT – Boards of Appeal EUIPO

        Susy SCARDOCCHIA – Boards of Appeal –  EUIPO

        Sophie PETREQUIN – Boards of Appeal – EUIPO

        Gordon HUMPHREYS – Boards of Appeal – EUIPO

        • Session 3


          Gordon HUMPHREYS – Boards of Appeal – EUIPO

          Sven STÜRMAN – Boards of Appeal – EUIPO

          • Disclaimer

            * The views expressed are strictly personal and should not be attributed to the EUIPO. Nor shall the EUIPO be held responsible for the opinions expressed or advice given in the videos and presentations.