Topic outline

  • Introduction

    An increasing number of European small and medium sized-companies (SMEs) are growing their business in international environments in which it is essential to consider some aspects of the protection of copyright, designs, trademarks and patents.

    In this webinar, we will examine the benefits of internationalisation for SMEs and how to set up an international strategy. We will look at Intellectual Property (IP) as an asset to support this process and in particular explain the ownership, use and management of IP rights as a decisive corporate asset for international business.

    For a small business that chooses to expand internationally, protecting IP rights is not only useful, but also indispensable to avoid or mitigate risks associated with IP infringement.

    After this webinar you will

    • Understand the competitive benefits of internationalisation for small businesses
    • Become familiar with main factors to consider when establishing the internationalisation strategy
    • Appreciate the value and impact of IP in international trade
    • Know how to protect and enforce IP rights
    • Discover the Ideas Powered for Business hub that caters for many initiatives to support businesses setting up their IP strategy
    • Become familiar with real cases of small businesses going international
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