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    This is the second of a series of webinars which aims at addressing aspects regarding the EUIPO Alternative Dispute Resolution methods. The format of the webinar will be an interview led by Gordon Humphreys, in which we will be looking at some practical aspects of mediation at the Office and what part each person present will play. This time the audience will hear directly from four of the accredited EUIPO mediators about their perspective and experience in the different roles performed by them.

    The interview aims at going through key points when carrying mediation task such as the role of the different actors in mediation (mediator, parties, lawyers, experts…); identification of issues, common grounds and bargaining process; how to guarantee confidentiality and ensure independence, etc.

    The webinar will get the most out of the mediation experience before the EUIPO and the audience will have the chance to actively participate in a dynamic interview where they may be able to discuss questions and concerns during with the speakers.

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