Topic outline

  • Introduction

    This webinar will present the results of the CP11 and CP12 working groups.

    In relation to CP11 you will learn:

    •    how to examine the formal requirements for sound, motion, multimedia and hologram marks;
    •    how to consider when these new types of trade marks will be considered clear and precise, distinctive or descriptive;
    •    how to assess when a sound, a movement or a combination of image and sound can result from the nature of the goods, can be necessary to obtain a technical result, or can give substantial value to the goods;
    •    how to compare, from a visual, aural and conceptual point of view, these new types of trade marks, and how to compare them with other types of trade marks.

    In relation to CP12 you will learn:

    •    about the types, means and sources of evidence, including online evidence;
    •    how to determine the date when particular evidential content was published;
    •    how to structure and present evidence, including market surveys;
    •    about the treatment of confidentiality requests regarding evidence.

    The details of the Common Practice/Recommendations can be found in the CP Common Communication documents and annexes.
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