Topic outline

  • Introduction

    The webinar starts with a general overview of the function of Article 7(3) EUTMR within the legal framework of absolute grounds of refusal and its procedural and substantial requirements. The main part focuses on assessing evidence under Article 7(3) EUTMR. It covers the standard of proof, means of evidence, general rules of assessment and common mistakes in the submission of evidence. This is followed by a presentation of some sample cases.

    • Webinar

      Speaker: Tobias KLEE - EUIPO - Operations Department
      Moderator: Árni HALLDÓRSSON - EUIPO - Academy, Seconded National Expert

    • Disclaimer

      * The views expressed are strictly personal and should not be attributed to the EUIPO. Nor shall the EUIPO be held responsible for the opinions expressed or advice given in the videos and presentations.