Topic outline

  • Introduction

     This is an e-learning module developed by the European Patent Office.

    This module is an introduction to the Guide for applicants, Part 1. It offers practical advice on how to apply for a European patent, but does not go into specific issues of the European grant procedure.


    I. General

    • Introduction
    • Nature and purpose of the European Patent Convention
    • Relationship to other international conventions
    • Choosing a route: national, European or international

    II. Patentability

    • Introduction
    • Invention
    • Novelty
    • Inventive step

    III. Preparing and filing a European patent application

    • Introduction
    • Formal requirements
    • Presenting your invention
    • Filing European patent applications
    • Filing other documents

    IV. The European patent grant procedure

    • Summary
    • Procedure up to publication of the application
    • Publication of the European patent application
    • Examination procedure
    • Opposition procedure
    • Limitation and revocation procedure
    • Appeals procedure
    • Divisional applications
    • Renewal fees
    • General provisions governing periods