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Governance and cooperation

EUIPO governing bodies, MBBC. Cooperation with IP Offices in EU and international organisations providing tools, services and common practices.

Strategic plan 2025

After two previous Strategic Plans, the EUIPO now turns to the next phase in its evolution.

New thinking and new ways of delivering added value for businesses, institutions and society are now required, taking into account the future needs of all stakeholders.

Portrait Executive Director

"The EUIPO must continue to strengthen its position as an IP hub of excellence providing high quality public services that will assist European businesses to become more competitive in an ever more global and digital environment."

Christian Archambeau Executive Director, EUIPO

A vision geared on action

Stategic Plan 2025 and drivers

Our Strategic Plan is based on these three strong drivers, which power our work and our activity over the next five years. The drivers guide our efforts as we work towards our vision- to deliver IP value for businesses and citizens in Europe. The Strategic Plan 2025 is our roadmap, our guide and our destination.

Strategic driver 01, our cooperation goals: our networks, our international activities, our work with enforcement authorities and other partners and our global reach.

Strategic driver 02, advanced customer-centric services for all our users, especially SMEs. Effective and simplified working practices. Increasing added value to businesses.

Strategic driver 03, continuous learning and sustainable staff engagement. Evolving with the digital era. Moving towards the future sustainable workplace.

The strategic drivers

IP network cube

Strategic driver 01

Cooperation is a mandate and a mission at the EUIPO.

IP excellence cube

Strategic driver 02

The pursuit of excellence is at the heart of our work.

IP innovation cube

Strategic driver 03

Evolving with the digital and next-generation technologies.

Our vision in motion

SP 2025 Consultation

The Office adopted a transparent and inclusive approach for developing SP2025, starting with a staff and stakeholders’ consultation that ran from December 2018 until the end of February 2019 and continuing with a second public consultation that ran from June until mid-September 2019. Globally, more than 3800 proposals were received through the more than 90 contributions that were submitted in conjunction with several brainstorming workshops.

Business people around a table

Ideas received were proportionally split among the three strategic drivers, as well as some regarding the vision and mission of the Office presented in the Draft. The majority of the external stakeholders contributed to SD1 and SD2 while staff made major contributions to SD3.