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DesignEuropa Awards

The DesignEuropa Awards celebrate excellence in design and design among holders of Registered Community Designs.

Jury 2023

Isabelle Verilhac
Michal Bonikowski
Laura Bonnes
Marco Bozzola
Benedict Hobson
Primoz Jeza
Anna Kohut Janko
Uwe Melichar
Natacha Lallemand
Davis Stone
Paivi Tahkokallio

Winners 2021 edition

Organised every two years by the EUIPO, the awards are divided into the following three categories:


Philips IntelliVue X3

Portable and compact patient monitor

Designed to allow hospital staff to continuously monitor their patients and deliver safe and seamless patient journeys during transport through hospitals.

Design Europa talks

The EUIPO will host the first DesignEuropa Talks on 20 October 2022 at its headquarters in Alicante, Spain.

Find out everything about the talks and discover our challenge.

Press room

Check all the releases published by The DesignEuropa Awards media about each ceremony and its main characters.

DesignAwatds ceremony picture
Winners of the third edition of the DesignEuropa Awards.

Lighting system Relio² and Philips IntelliVue X3 patient monitor, winners of the DesignEuropa Awards.

Rene picture
Lifetime Achievement Award winner announced.

Lifetime Achievement Award winner is André Ricard, renowned for the torch design of the Barcelona Olympics.

Eindhoven to host DesignEuropa Awards 2020.

The DesignEuropa Awards underline the importance of design as a motor of economic growth.


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