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The pursuit of excellence is at the heart of our work.

At the EUIPO we are committed to quality, and putting our customers first. We set ourselves demanding targets, and we measure them quarterly through our Service Charter. Our integrated management systems policy ensures we work to internationally agreed quality standards in all our activities.


Excellence and quality are intertwined at the EUIPO; through our working methods, processes and analysis of results, we strive for continuous improvement.


We listen to our customers through our User Satisfaction Survey, and our IP for You programme enables us to be in constant contact with them in their own Member States. Our Guidelines  - our trade mark and design practice - are open for consultation, and we align our perception of quality with that of our customers through the Stakeholder Quality Assurance Panels.






The first EUIPO self-produced short film released: The IP Link


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The first EUIPO self-produced short film released: The IP Link


Every picture tells a story and the EUIPO’s is one of accessible IP registration services for EU businesses, whether large or small. This is the starting point of The IP Link, a 7-minute short film which was made with the help of over 80 EUIPO staff members.

The film stars a freelance designer and his baby daughter and shows the life of a trade mark from its conception through the application process. We see intellectual property rights in motion, how they are used and registered by companies and professionals. We also get a glimpse of the EUIPO staff, their collaborative ways of working and their workplace in Alicante.

The IP Link is part of the Office’s move to make IP information more user-friendly and relevant for companies, linking it to real business needs. In fact, it is one of the promotional tools used for the array of SME initiatives that the EUIPO has launched in the past few months.

In an international context where small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs) are most hit by the pandemic, helping companies to secure IP rights in an easy and straightforward manner is more important than ever. The film can be seen on the About EUIPO page and the Ideas Powered for Business section of the EUIPO website, which provides a one-stop shop for EU businesses looking to gain a competitive edge with IP.

From information on trade marks and designs to personalised free intellectual property support and e-learning courses, the section also gives access to the SME Fund. This EUR 20 million grant scheme has been created in cooperation with the European Commission to help SMEs access their intellectual property rights.

All in all, supporting SMEs has received a passionate response from the EUIPO’s staff. The IP Link film tries to pay tribute to this public service commitment and to all the companies and professionals who entrust their trade marks and designs to the EUIPO. Shot entirely in Alicante, the film was produced internally, demonstrating a real cross-departmental effort with staff working as actors, production experts, casting assistants and scriptwriters. Don’t miss it.

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