februar 22, 2021 - Novice

EUIPO-OECD study on container shipping

Trade in counterfeit and pirated goods amounted to up to 3.3 % of world trade in 2016. Counterfeiters operate swiftly in the globalised economy, misusing modern logistical solutions and legitimate trade facilitation mechanisms and thrive in economies lacking good governance standards.


februar 08, 2021 - Novice

Joint EUIPO/EPO IP Contribution Report

By effectively protecting their intellectual property, innovative companies can secure financing, grow, collaborate and create value. But how does owning intellectual property rights (IPRs) impact their performance?


februar 01, 2021 - Novice

CEPOL training course for enforcement officials

The EUIPO (via the Observatory) and the European Union Law Enforcement Training Agency (CEPOL) are jointly organising the Joint CEPOL-EUIPO Webinar 78/2020, on 02 February from 10:00 to 11:30: Counterfeiting and Organised Crime - A`genuine´link.