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jún 23, 2022 Európska sieť ochranných známok a dizajnov

Industrial Design 5 forum: worldwide IP and new technologies


The Industrial Design 5 forum (ID5) is a cooperation framework involving the worldwide 5 largest intellectual property design offices:

And the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) as observer.

As part of their cooperation activities, they meet twice a year. This year the midterm was hosted by the EUIPO on 20-22 June in Alicante.

Midterm meeting

They exchanged experience and information on the use of new technologies: blockchain artificial intelligence, big data, digital designs, NFTs and Metaverse.

They discussed new project proposals for e-learning and the assessment of designs, indications for registered designs and design protection in the Metaverse.

Partners also commented on legislative challenges regarding the rapid growth of virtual space related industries, virtual products/services similar to the ones existing in the real world, and various types of digital products and designs.

The importance of design protection in the virtual space was stressed, especially because it doesn’t rely on national borders.

Moreover, ID5 partners also took the opportunity to visit exhibitions and landmarks in Valencia as the city has been designated 2022 World Design Capital by the World Design Organization.

What’s next?

The offices will work together on two catalogues which will provide an overview of the terms of protection and remedies for industrial design rights in ID5 jurisdictions.
The ID5 Annual Meeting is set to take place in Brussels, Belgium, on 27-28 October 2022.

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