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Protejați-vă mărcile, desenele și modelele industriale în Uniunea Europeană

Protejaţi-vă proprietatea intelectuală în Uniunea Europeană


octombrie 06, 2022 - Învăţare

Live webinars on the implementation of the new EU Trade Mark Directive

A series of live webinars will be broadcast in cooperation with seven national intellectual property   Offices (Cyprus, Lithuania, Poland, Portugal, Bulgaria, Spain, Germany) and two User Associations (ECTA/INTA) covering topics related to the changes brought about by the transposition of the Trade Mark Directive via Zoom every Thursday from 13 October to 15 December. Each webinar will explain how the Directive has been implemented in the national legislation of the Member State.


septembrie 30, 2022 - Învăţare

Tuesday webinars

The Academy is pleased to announce the Tuesday Webinars, live broadcasts scheduled for October 2022


septembrie 27, 2022 - Stiri

GIs for craft and industrial products

When you think of Perpignan (France), your thoughts turn immediately to its stunning jewellery, which is the result of a well-established tradition of excellence. Similarly, when you go to Solingen (Germany) and see the famous cutlery on display in local shops, you soon realise that those objects embody centuries of craftmanship.


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