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Transparency Portal

EUIPO is fully committed to the principle of transparency and accessibility, in the framework of Article 15(3) TFEU. To facilitate public access to documents previously listed in the Office’s Register of Public Documents, the Transparency Portal has been created as a fully searchable online entry point for all documents contained within the Register. The Transparency Portal aims to make searching for and finding documents easier than ever, and when new documents are published, they will be made available here. Documents are organised into five categories: economic; environmental; staffing; organisational; and social and relational, accessible through the menu bar on the right or via the sliding menu below:

The contents listed below are the main documents, or links to the main clusters of documents and information in the public register, presented here for ease of access.

Strategic Plan 2020

Published on 01 June 2016

The Strategic Plan is EUIPO’s roadmap, which sets out EUIPO’s strategic vision until 2020. The Strategic Plan is created with advice and input from a wide range of sources — staff, users, and IP offices from inside and outside the European Union and it is approved by the Management Board of EUIPO.


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Work Programme

Published on 06 December 2017

Every year the Office prepares a Work Programme for approval by the Management Board, which is made up of representatives from EU Member States, the European Commission and the European Parliament. The Work Programme covers all its planned activities for the year ahead. The Work Programme is implemented once the Management Board approves it.

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EUIPO Budget

Published on 23 November 2017

EUIPO’s budget for the forthcoming year is prepared and presented for approval to the Budget Committee of the Office. The budget cannot be implemented before it is approved by the Budget Committee, which is made up of representatives from EU Member States, the European Commission and the European Parliament.

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EUIPO Corporate Sustainability Report

Published on 09 June 2017

The Sustainability Report forms part of EUIPO’s reporting cycle and is published with its Annual Report in the first semester of each year. As a public organisation, EUIPO demonstrates its commitment to sustainability through the delivery of its services and the implementation of its policies and strategies, as set out in its Strategic Plan 2020.


Document Date Download
Organisational chart of the Office 22 August 2017 PDF More Details >>
Management Board   More Details >>
Constituent act 14 June 2017 PDF


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