juli 07, 2021 Nieuws

IP innovation goes on – final update on 2019 awareness grant beneficiaries

Read on below to find out the latest exciting news on all the projects that benefited from 2019 awareness grants. There have been some amazing and far-reaching results. Creativity and innovation is alive and kicking in the EU!

Our youngsters are more aware of the importance of IP than ever before. While the 2019 projects come to an end, the awareness raising goes on.

Adiconsum - Peers2peers say NO


Although the project was completed last year, its success continues to this day. The schools participating in the Peers2Peers say NO project are still very active: the creative production of the Peer Education Teams has reached its finale, with the end of the school year. Logos, articles, essays, drawings and video testimonials are even more attractive and entertaining.

The campaign now benefits from the hard work done by the teachers themselves, after project meetings with experts: the concepts of intellectual property protection have been linked to their daily work with the pupils, as well as in the curriculum, throughout the school year.

The project formally ended in November 2020, but the creative work continues!


Camera di Commercio dell’Umbria - IP - Play with it!


The phenomenal CC Umbria project had its grand finale at the end of May. The winners received EUR 1 000 to use for school supplies, and above all, they consolidated their knowledge on intellectual property rights, the fight against infringements and counterfeit products. The event was noticed and received positive press coverage.

All the material created by CC Umbria can be found on the project website.


Fondazione Politecnico di Milano – IP Experience


Building on the results of the project so far, IP Experience would like to continue its implementation in the near future.

In the meantime, the results of the previous work are still available:

  • the video interviews on influencers and entrepreneurs;
  • the web app game on the history of windsurfing highlighting the strategic importance of IP for new entrepreneurial activities;
  • the handbook about guidelines and hints on how to valorise an entrepreneurial idea through intellectual property.

The website continues to be updated with news related to future events, recent studies, and initiatives at the national and international level on intellectual property, new generations, and entrepreneurs.


Legalna Kultura - Intellectual Property Rights? I get it!


The school year is ending and so is ‘The Intellectual Property Rights? I get it!’ project. The participants in the programme will go on vacation enriched with the acquired knowledge about intellectual property law. Legalna Kultura will keep on providing its resources on the website and also offer the Mixer of Art (Mikser Sztuki) – an application that can be used to create remixes of works of art based on the use of legal resources available on the internet. And the Legalna Kultura’s summer holiday proposal is a virtual tour of the world’s museums as well as Mixer of Art!

ProArt – Music Moves Hungary


The Music Moves Hungary project started in March 2020, with a series of videos from the Music Guru School and ended with the Big Student Music Test, an on-line show, on 14 May 2021. The programme mobilised the Hungarian music industry to lift the veil off their work and practices, and teach the group that is most exposed to piracy and pirated contents about the importance of protecting intellectual property.

The most important stats that highlight the impact of the programme are:

  • 17 thousand entertaining and informative quizzes on copyright were filled out;
  • 25 videos created to show the backstage of the music industry;
  • close to a quarter of a million views of the videos;
  • 180 000 students listening on the school radio;
  • 150 articles written about the programme.


Strategma – IP – why should I be bothered?


Strategma’s successful project returns with one of its flagship achievements – FotoInMotion, a tool that is revolutionising the way in which people use photography to portray stories. You can find more information about this initiative in the news section on IP: WHY SHOULD I BE BOTHERED? website ( If you want to try this tool and turn your own 2D photo into a 3D video - go ahead and make your unusual and funny IP Hat and participate in the #IPHatChallenge. Be part of a good cause - spread the news that IP matters! Copyright promotes creativity and innovation!

You can follow the project on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Twitter - @IPWhyBother


University of Alicante – IP4Teen


The IP4Teen project was successfully concluded last year and reached many teachers and kids across Europe. While 60 people participated in the testing phase of the project, 140 people took part in the online events, the project website was visited more than 20 000 times, and the project generated more than 10 million interactions on social media.

The resources are still available online, offering short modules with audio visual resources on basic IP rights, such as trade marks, copyright, designs and patents. Different modules are related to areas of special interest for teenagers, such as fashion, electronic devices or social networks.