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januari 29, 2016 Over het EUIPO

Reimbursements to users: renewal fees

The Office is committed to reimbursing its users who have already paid for the renewal of a trade mark expiring as from March 23, 2016 under the CTM fee schedule.

These users will be refunded the excess fee they have paid; equal to the difference between the CTM fee schedule and the EUTM fee schedule.

The reimbursement method will vary according to the payment method

  • Users who have indicated "debit later" will see a correction in the "Pending Debit " tab of Current Account information in the User Area, once the Office has corrected the expected debit (during February and March 2016). No individual communication will be sent to these users.
  • Users who have paid by the "debit now" method will be directly reimbursed in their current account, and a letter informing them about the reimbursement will be sent to them.
  • Users who have paid by bank transfer or credit card will receive a letter from the Office requesting bank details through which the reimbursement can be paid.

 Letters informing about current account reimbursement or requesting bank details will be sent during the months of April to August following a First Paid, First Reimbursed approach.

Reimbursement to users having paid with bank transfer or credit card will be done within two months after the reception by the Office of their bank details.

For more information on the Communication of the President of OHIM on the calculation of the amount of renewal fees in view of the entry into force of the amending EU trade mark Regulation, please click here
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