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Farewell to fax, CDs and attachments!

March 03, 2021 - news_events
Farewell to fax, CDs and attachments!

Farewell to fax, CDs and attachments!

The month of March brings with it many changes. No more fax, changes in accepted data carriers and attachments to be replaced by links in your e-communications

  1. Fax is no longer an acceptable means of communication with the EUIPO. Watch this 30-minute webinar for the new rules applicable from 1 March 2021.

    Don’t have 30 minutes? Here are some selected highlights:
    • Acceptable means of communication (5 min 15 s)
    • Data carriers (7 min 55 s)
    • Best way to communicate with the EUIPO (10 min 17 s)
    • How to use the ‘Fax alternative’ option in the User Area (14 min 3 s)
    • File-sharing option, in event of lack of connection with the EUIPO (18 min 23 s)

    See Decision No EX-20-9
  2. Data carriers: from now on only USB flash drives, pen drives or similar USB-type memory units are accepted. CDs and DVDs are no longer permitted.
    See Decision No EX-20-10.

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