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Awissu 30, 2021 In-Netwerk Ewropew tal-Marki Kummerċjali u d-Disinji

The ‘Registro Nacional’ of Costa Rica aligns with CP6


The ‘Registro Nacional’ of Costa Rica (RN) has just published a Practice Paper concerning the graphic representation of industrial designs.

The RN has analysed and found common ground with the criteria developed under the Common Communication on the Common Practice – Graphic Representation of Designs (CP6).

The Practice Paper provides a clear and comprehensive explanation of the principles on which the practice of the RN and the IP offices of the European Union Intellectual Property Network (EUIPN) is based, particularly on how to use appropriate disclaimers, types of views and how to represent designs on a neutral background.

The publication of the Practice Paper will serve as a reference to users and examiners of the IP offices involved, but also to any other interested parties. The Practice Paper will increase transparency, legal certainty, and predictability in terms of the criteria that must be followed when filing the graphic representation of an industrial design.

The Practice Paper has been made publicly available in both Spanish and English. Both versions can be found below. It is divided into two parts: the first summarises the criteria while the second provides a full explanation of the different criteria applicable in each case.


RN – Practice Paper
Graphic representation of designs






This achievement has been made possible thanks to the collaborative work carried out by the RN and the EUIPO under the framework of the IP KEY LA project (IP Key LA), directed by the European Commission and implemented by the EUIPO.

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