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Mejju 05, 2021 Dwar l-EUIPO

Have your say: Protection of GIs for non-agricultural products


The public consultation is open until 22 July and aims to capture the views of all relevant stakeholders in the EU-wide protection of Geographical Indications (GIs) for non-agricultural products.

Participants in the consultation will have the possibility to express their views on the:

  • problems related to the existing legal protection of authentic geographically-rooted non-agricultural products within the internal market;
  • benefits and risk of EU action;
  • available policy options including the control and enforcement of a future EU-protection system for such products;
  • potential impacts of these policy options.

Target audience

All citizens, organisations and experts are welcome to contribute to this consultation. The European Commission seeks to gather input from a broad range of stakeholders, namely:

  • public authorities (federal/national, regional and local authorities in Member States and non-EU countries);
  • consumers (citizens and consumer organisations);
  • producers (individuals, companies in particular SMEs, and associations or organisations);
  • legal practitioners and academics;
  • and other stakeholders e.g. training organisations.

Why a consultation

There is currently no EU-wide system for protecting the geographical indications of non-agricultural products (such as handicrafts and industrial goods). However, such products are often an important part of local identity, attract tourism and create jobs. A uniform system would in particular:

  • help producers stay competitive in niche markets;
  • provide consumers with better information about the authenticity of products;
  • boost regional economies.

The questionnaire is available in all EU languages and it can be accessed via the European Commission website. The deadline for contributions is 22 July 2021.

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