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How to apply

The DesignEuropa Awards take place every two years. The competition is open to any person, entity or institution of any nationality, either individually or as a team, provided that they own a valid RCD that is also marketed and sold (in any country).

  • The DesignEuropa 2020 call for entries ended on 8 May.

All designs submitted must be valid RCDs at the time of sending the application, with no pending invalidity proceedings. Finalist designs must retain their validity throughout the selection and award period.

Entries may be submitted either on the candidate's own initiative, at the behest of the Awards' promoters or by any other person, entity or institution that wishes to propose a candidate.

Application process

  • Acceptance of applications & nominations

  • Shortlisting

  • Jury evaluation and decision

  • Announcement of finalists

  • Announcement of winners: Award Ceremony

Applications for the Industry Award and the Small and Emerging Company Award

Applications can be submitted by the owners of the RCD themselves via the application form. RCDs entered for the competition must be marketed by the owner of the design or a design licensee. Applicants can submit up to five entries (one RCD per entry), provided that each RCD has been designed by a different designer or by a team of designers with at least one different member.

Nominations for the Industry Award and the Small and Emerging Company Award

Candidates for both categories can also be proposed by any person, entity or institution by submitting a nomination form.

Nominations for the Lifetime Achievement Award

The Lifetime Achievement Award celebrates the work and achievements of designers who have made significant contributions to their field over the course of a career.

Entrants in this category may be proposed by any individual, entity or organisation by using the Nomination Form.

Nomination will be assessed by a jury made up of experts in business, design and intellectual property.

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