septembris 28, 2021 News

The Out-of-Commerce Works Portal is growing after its launch - Forgotten stories can once again become part of our shared history


The Out-of-Commerce Works Portal was launched by the European Union Intellectual Property Office on 7 June 2021. During the summer, the first cultural heritage institutions and collective management organisations joined the Portal and started uploading their information on out-of-commerce works. This information needs to be published in the Portal 6 months prior to being able to make use of it.

Use of the Portal is linked to the implementation of Directive (EU) 2019/790 on copyright and related rights in the Digital Single Market, which is still pending in a number of Member States. To help cultural heritage institutions fulfil their mission to preserve European culture, Directive (EU) 2019/790 introduces a legal framework to support these institutions in the digitisation and cross-border dissemination of out-of-commerce works.

The Portal will undergo further developments in the coming months. However, it is now ready to host those forgotten stories until it is time for them to be heard again. For more information, please check the Out-of-Commerce Works Portal or visit the Out-of-Commerce Works web page.