septembris 09, 2021 News

IdeasPowered@School new IP teaching materials


The Observatory would like to announce the launch of a new web page on the Ideas Powered@School website which went live last weekend. It is devoted to intellectual property (IP) teaching materials which have been developed by the EUIPO together with education experts for the IP in Education project over recent years.

The materials are intended for teachers and students of all ages, covering subjects at all levels,  from primary to tertiary education. The materials available include the EUIPO’s popular Creativity Diary and IP Basics for teachers, which have both been updated recently and are available in 23 EU languages. Other materials such as previously published leaflets and activities are also available, along with new material such as IP games and lesson packs. Materials may be used for individual subjects or as a general method of gaining knowledge of IP. The web page is aimed at teachers, allowing them to sort by language and age to find material adapted to suit their needs and interests.

More information can be found here