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novembris 19, 2020 Eiropas preču zīmju un dizainparaugu tīkls

European cooperation: online improvements in Romania


On 28 October, the Romanian State Office for Inventions and Trademarks (OSIM), with the support of the EUIPO’s European cooperation projects, enhanced its back and front office applications.

New reporting and improved smart PDF online forms introduced in the back office have further enhanced the capabilities available to OSIM users. The front office application will also now include six new e-services for designs.

The new reporting capability consists of 70 different reports available within the back office. OSIM users benefit from an improved user-friendly interface and more powerful and faster search results.

The existing smart PDF forms have been improved in order to manage trade mark applications submitted on paper as well as digitally more efficiently. Users can now submit their applications electronically using email. OSIM users will then be able to introduce the application information more efficiently in the back office system. Overall, the application process will run faster and more smoothly from application to completion.

The front office application has been also enhanced with six additional e-services for designs; this includes renewals, the transfer of rights, modification of owner/representative, oppositions, rights in rem and licences. From now on, users will be able to file design applications using these services, expanding the same capability already provided for trade marks. The new services mean that users will gain in usability and have a better user experience overall. This new implementation is also paving the way for a planned and future integration of all e-services with the back office application.

This implementation will bring enhanced benefits to users by reducing working times and removing potential data errors during manual data handling, improving the user experience overall. OSIM and the EUIPO, within the framework of the European cooperation projects, will continue to work together to introduce further enhancements to both the front and back office applications during 2020 and beyond.


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