What to do if someone infringes your rights

These two websites provide useful information.

If you have bought a fake product, you can get consumer advice from the Consumer Information Centre Network.

Moreover, we have provided a searchable directory of key contact points that you can use for expert advice and information.


Go to understanding I P page

Understanding IP

Background information to help you understand intellectual property

Go to the public safety page

Public safety

Information on the risks associated with buying and using fake products and how to avoid them

Go to where to buy legally page

Where to buy legally

Websites where you can find legitimate products online

Go to understanding guides and support

Support for small business

Advice from business experts on the importance of protecting your IP

Go to public awareness campaigns page

Public awareness campaigns

Awareness-raising material and guidelines produced by Observatory stakeholders and other IP partners

Go to I P in Europe page

IP in Europe

Interactive map with facts and figures

Go to FAQs on copyright

FAQs on Copyright

15 questions from consumers on copyright