settembre 28, 2020 - Notizie

Update of the 2019 grant beneficiaries

The information and awareness campaign is based on the assumption that increased awareness will have a positive impact on consumers’ behaviour, particularly when decisions are being taken about buying counterfeit goods through illegal sources.


settembre 23, 2020 - Notizie

Public Consultation - Third Country Report

The European Commission (DG Trade) has launched a public consultation in order to gather information from EU entities with an interest in the protection and enforcement of intellectual property rights (IPR) in third countries. Similar consultations have been launched in the past by means of a survey.


settembre 21, 2020 - Notizie

First Authenticity: Thessaloniki, Greece

The kick-off event and media launch of the first Authenticity took place on Friday, 11 September, at Thessaloniki’s City Hall, Greece. It was a great success, attracting all local media as well as representatives of business and state authorities.


settembre 17, 2020 - Notizie

Documento di riflessione Tech Watch sulla PI

Tech Watch guarda al futuro ma con una profonda comprensione del passato e del presente e con la consapevolezza degli effetti della tecnologia sulla società, sulle imprese e sulle nostre vite.