SP 2025 Consultation

The Office adopted a transparent and inclusive approach for developing SP2025, starting with a staff and stakeholders consultation that ran from December 2018 until the end of February 2019 and continuing with a second public consultation that ran from June 2019 until mid-September 2019. Globally, more than 3800 proposals were received through the more than 90 contributions that were submitted in conjunction with a number of brainstorming workshops. Ideas received were proportionally split among the three strategic drivers, as well as some regarding the vision and mission of the Office presented in the Draft. The external dimension of the EUIPO (SD1 and SD2) constituted the focal point for the majority of the external stakeholders, while the staff made major contributions to SD3. Overall, it can be concluded that the EUIPO SP2025 consultation exercise met its objective of gathering wide feedback on the Office’s strategic path

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