Consultation on the Strategic Plan 2020

The Strategic Plan is the Office's roadmap for development. It is created with advice and input from a wide range of sources — staff, users, and IP offices from inside and outside the European Union.

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The Office is now launching a second consultation on the Strategic Plan 2020. We aim to gather the views and suggestions from EUIPO's stakeholders, as well as from the general public. The consultation will run from Tuesday 2 February to Tuesday 15 March 2016.

Preparation has been underway for almost two years for the Strategic Plan 2020 and it is now reaching its final stages. The first consultation ran from 23 January to 23 February 2015, when the guiding principles and outline of the Strategic Plan were presented. The contributions and recommendations received have been taken into account to produce the current draft.

This second consultation is being launched to consider the full effects of the Regulation amending the EU trade mark, published on 24 December 2015. This is why the first Strategic Plan (2011-2015) was extended until June 2016 by EUIPO's Administrative Board and Budget Committee during their meeting in November 2015.

Draft Strategic Plan

The draft Strategic Plan contains information on the past and current state of the Office, its vision for the field of IP and its strategic goals for the next five years.

Note: The annexes to the Strategic Plan will be finalised and published as soon as the feedback from this consultation has been considered.

Submit your contribution

The consultation will run from Tuesday 2 February to Tuesday 15 March 2016. You can submit your feedback using our PDF template and sending it to the email address below:

Note: Contributions will be confidential. See the privacy statement for information on how your personal data and contribution will be dealt with.

What do our stakeholders think about our Strategic Plan?

Category Contribution from Date
User Association AIM 15/03/2016
Non-EU National Office Albanian Patent and Trademarks Office 16/03/2016
User Association APRAM 15/03/2016
User Association ASIPI 16/03/2016
Non-EU National Office Bosnia and Herzegovina Institute for Intellectual Property 14/03/2016
User Association BUSINESSEUROPE 15/03/2016
Non-EU National Office Chinese Trade Mark Office (SAIC) 15/03/2016
EU National Office Cyprus Intellectual Property Office 11/03/2016
EU National Office Danish Trademark and Patent Office 11/03/2016
User Association ECTA 15/03/2016
International organisation EPO 11/03/2006
EUIPO Staff Committe EUIPO Staff Committee 24/03/2016
European institution European Commission on the SP2020 28/04/2016
European institution European Commission on the MASPP 04/05/2016
EU National Office Hungarian Intellectual Property Office 16/03/2016
Non-EU National Office Icelandic Patent Office 14/03/2016
EU National Office Industrial Property Office of the Czech Republic 15/03/2016
EU National Office INPI France 15/03/2016
EU National Office INPI Portugal 15/03/2016
Non-EU National Office Instituto Mexicano De La Propiedad Industrial 17/03/2016
User Association INTA 15/03/2016
Non-EU National Office Intellectual Property Office of Montenegro 05/03/2016
Non-EU National Office Intellectual Property Office of the Republic of Serbia 09/03/2016
Non-EU National Office Jordan National Office (IPPD-MITS) 17/03/2016
Non-EU National Office Korean Intellectual Property Office 21/03/2016
User Association MARQUES 18/03/2016
Public Miguel Angel Blanes Climent 11/03/2016
Non-EU National Office National Intellectual Property Center of Georgia Sakpatenti 15/03/2016
Non-EU National Office Norwegian Industrial Property Office 15/03/2016
EU National Office Patent Office of the Republic of Latvia 15/03/2016
Non-EU National Office Republic of Macedonia State Office of Industrial Property 15/03/2016
Non-EU National Office Rospatent 15/03/2016
Non-EU National Office State Intellectual Property Office of the People's Republic of China 24/03/2016
EU National Office State Intellectual Property Office of the Republic of Croatia 05/04/2016
Non-EU National Office Superintendencia de Insdustria y Comercio - Colombia 15/03/2016
EU National Office Swedish Patent and Registration Office 15/03/2016
Non-EU National Office Swiss Federal Institute of Intellectual Property 31/03/2016
Non-EU National Office Tunisian Intellectual Property Office 24/03/2016
Non-EU National Office Turkish Patent Institute 15/03/2016
EU National Office UK Intellectual Property Office 15/03/2016
International organisation WIPO 17/03/2016

Next steps

All input received on time will be reviewed and taken into account for the final draft of the Strategic Plan 2020 to be submitted to the Office's Management Board and Budget Committee.

A summary of the results of the consultation will published on the Office's website. The final version of the Strategic Plan 2020 will be published during 2016.

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