heinäkuu 26, 2021 Uutiset

The new edition of Recent European Case-law on the Infringement and Enforcement of IPRs is out now


The new edition of the recent case-law update document reports on the latest significant European decisions related to infringing and enforcing IPRs. The document contains more than 180 summaries of key judgments from the national courts and of the preliminary rulings from the Court of Justice of the EU (CJEU).

The first part features the most recent cases, including the CJEU’s highly anticipated ruling on the liability of online platforms for users’ illegal uploads in joined cases C-682/18 and C-683/18 YouTube  and Cyando. It also has the CJEU’s latest clarifications regarding communication to the public in a P2P network and ‘copyright trolls’ in case C-597/19 M.I.C.M.. The second part covers decisions issued from 2018 till May 2021.

The document aims to provide practitioners, judges and law-makers with a meaningful overview of the latest developments and trends in jurisprudence in this field.

You can read the case-law update here.

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