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lokakuu 29, 2019 Tietoa EUIPO:sta

The Observatory launches two major studies on how SMEs and young Europeans perceive IP


The European Observatory on Infringements of IP Rights has launched two EU-wide studies on the perceptions of IP among European citizens.

The goal of the 2019 IP SME Scoreboard is to gain a better understanding of how EU SMEs perceive and use IPRs. It will provide decision makers with an up-to-date and relevant evidence base from which to design policies to improve awareness and use of IPRs.

The 2019 IP Youth Scoreboard aims to shed light on the strongest drivers and barriers for youths when acquiring online digital content or purchasing physical goods that are offered both legally and illegally.

Today’s studies are the second editions of the IP SME Scoreboard and Youth Scoreboard series, which were first released by the EUIPO in 2016. The former surveys micro-, small- and medium-sized SMEs in all 28 EU Member States across a range of economic activities and sectors, while the latter shows the latest trends in the use of legal and illegal online sources among European youths and their perceptions and behaviours towards counterfeit goods.

Both reports were launched at the Observatory public sector representatives meeting and at the SME conference in Helsinki, Finland (29-30 October 2019).

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