octubre 20, 2020 Noticias

Observatory Outreach & SME expert group online meetings


The European Observatory on Infringements of Intellectual Property Rights is holding an online meeting for the Observatory Outreach and SME expert group (SME EG) on Tuesday 20 October.

In the morning, during the Outreach meeting, the experts will discuss ideas for the design and implementation of the 2021 Spring Campaign on the occasion of anti-counterfeiting day and the organisation of the International IP Enforcement Summit planned for June 2021 in Stockholm. Other agenda points include collaboration opportunities with think tanks.

In the afternoon, an overview of the progress of the SME programme will be given followed by a discussion among experts on how to best communicate to SMEs. Furthermore, the ‘train the advisor’ programme will be covered in a dedicated workshop. Other agenda points include feedback on the EU IPDA experience exchange.

From here onwards, the SME EG will be attached to the EUIPO SME programme.

The EGs help and guide the implementation of Observatory projects in focused and specialised areas, and are made up of experts proposed by the stakeholders or by the EUIPO. Experts represent themselves and not a particular organisation or institution.