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October 28, 2022 News

The EUIPO and EISMEA join forces to assist SMEs and start-ups.


The EUIPO and the European Innovation Council and SMEs Executive Agency (EISMEA) have signed a service level agreement to assist beneficiaries of the Horizon Europe - EIC programme.

The agreement, signed on Friday 28 October 2022 by the Executive Director of the EUIPO Christian Archambeau and the Director of the EISMEA Jean-David Malo, will strengthen the cooperation between the two agencies, and improve intellectual property awareness and management among innovative companies in Europe.

The pilot project will specifically target the beneficiaries of the Horizon Europe: European Innovation Council (EIC) to help bring high-risk, high-impact technologies to the market. The implementation is set to begin in January 2023.

Under this new agreement, the EUIPO will provide expertise through a service that helps companies identify which intangible assets should be protected and in what way intellectual property can help support business growth. The EIC beneficiaries will also have access to a list of experts that they can contact in case of doubt.

Intellectual property management is important in the context of EU programmes such as Horizon Europe as it touches upon the exploitation and dissemination of intellectual property within project results.


EISMEA is responsible for developing and implementing the European Innovation Council (EIC) and manages other EU programmes in the fields of SME support, innovation ecosystems, single market, consumer policy and interregional innovation investments. The Agency aims to reinforce the European Union’s position as a global leader in Research and Innovation, strengthen its Single Market, open up opportunities for SMEs and maintain high standards of protection for its citizens towards a more competitive, digital, green and inclusive EU.

In November 2021, a Letter of Intent was signed between the European Commission Directorate General for Research & Innovation, EISMEA and the EUIPO which already established a commitment to deliver IP assistance in the framework of a series of Horizon Europe: EIC projects.

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