June 25, 2021 News

International IP Enforcement Summit 2021


The 4th International IP Enforcement Summit was held online on 22 and 23 June 2021. It gathered key actors to discuss ways to improve the protection and enforcement of IP rights globally in both the online and offline environments. The summit highlighted strategic and practical guidance and shared good practices. It was also an opportunity for participants to learn more about how the fight against counterfeiting and piracy could contribute to a healthier society, a more sustainable environment and a stronger economy.

The exchanges focused on IP infringement online and how to facilitate cooperation with intermediaries, including the use of new technology in the fight against IP crime and the importance of collaboration and data sharing. Several sessions also concentrated on the misuse of online intermediary services and how this can be addressed.

The 3rd edition of a study on Global Trade in Fakes - A Worrying Threat , carried out by the EUIPO in cooperation with the OECD, was also released. The study analyses the latest trends in the global trade of fakes and shows that imports of fakes into the EU represent a value of around EUR 120 billion.

If you want to read more about the summit or watch the different discussions you can do so from the summit’s web page.