March 15, 2023 - News

Live event piracy – Discussion paper

Fighting the piracy of live events: trends, challenges and good practices. The main value of sporting or other types of live events lies in the exploitation of their live performance. This makes the illegal live streaming of such events particularly damaging to the sectors that produce and distribute such content.


February 07, 2023 - News

Green EUTM report- 2022 update

In this study, the G&S descriptions in the more than 2 million EUTM applications filed at the EUIPO since it began operations in 1996 are analysed for the presence of terms related to environmental protection and sustainability.


February 06, 2023 - News

Observatory expert group holds metaverse workshop

On 2 and 3 February 2023, the European Observatory on Infringements of Intellectual Property Rights held a workshop on the metaverse for the Impact of Technology Expert Group. The meeting took place at the European Union Intellectual Property Office’s premises in Alicante, Spain, where experts discussed new technologies with the potential to protect IP rights