June 01, 2021 News

Report on the EU Enforcement of intellectual property rights: overall results of detentions, 2019


Following the publication, in December 2020, of the reports of Directorate-General for Taxation and Customs Union (DG TAXUD) and the EUIPO on the detention of goods infringing IP rights at the EU border and in the EU internal market respectively, this report allows an overarching view of the overall detentions of fake products in 2019 as reported by EU Member States.

  • Approximately 72 million fake items were detained in the EU in 2019. This implies a reduction of almost 21 % in the number of items reported as detained, compared to 2018 (91 million items). Almost 56 % of those items were detained in the EU internal market, and the rest at the EU border.
  • Despite the large reduction in the number of fake items detained in the EU, their estimated value, amounting to some EUR 2.4 billion, represents almost no decrease compared to the previous year. What at first glance may appear to be a contradiction is caused by the detentions in the EU internal market. As explained in the December 2020 report on detentions, in this instance it is due to the shift in the composition of the ‘basket’ of products detained, from cheaper products in 2018 (toys, packaging material) to more expensive ones in 2019 (clothing, clothing accessories, non sport shoes), as well as the increase in the estimated unitary value of some products. Almost 73 % of the total value of detained items reported corresponded to detentions in the EU internal market, while the remainder resulted from detentions at the EU border.

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