December 01, 2020 News

EU Education Ministers confirmed their support for the IP in Education network


Yesterday, the 27 EU education ministers adopted a proposal of the German Presidency for the Council Conclusions on digital education in Europe’s knowledge societies, that sets out a roadmap for European digital education in the years to come. The Conclusions look to the future in creating innovative and learner-centred teaching and training methods and applied didactics that promote critical and creative thinking; and to create safe high quality and inclusive learning environments and contents.
The Conclusions refer various times to the importance of intellectual property in the future of digital education and support officially the IP in Education network managed by the EUIPO. The network is made up of education ministries, IP Offices and other relevant education stakeholders working together to promote creativity, innovation, entrepreneurship and responsible digital engagement among young Europeans

This political support of education ministers, which was also reflected in the Council Conclusions on the Key Competences for Lifelong Learning in 2018 under Bulgarian EU Presidency, shows continuous endorsement of the work carried out by the network and further encourages the EUIPO role to enhance and maximise synergies throughout Europe, and to provide appropriate digital IP resources, materials, teacher training, and pupil events.

The network under the guidance of EUIPO will continue leveraging its efforts to keep translating these high-level EU educational policy recommendations into practical support for implementation at grassroots level.