November 27, 2020 News

Update of the 2019 grant beneficiaries

ADICONSUM – Peers2Peers Say NO!



Although the Peers2Peers Say NO project in Italy is coming to an end, it is still attracting a lot of interest and is intensifying its efforts to reach students, teachers and other educators.
Early in November, a webinar was held. It was devoted to prevention strategies to tackle piracy and counterfeiting. The webinar gathered prominent stakeholders and experts and excellent speakers, coming from the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Cultural Heritage, the FAPAV federation of economic operators in the field of audio-visual contents, and of course Adiconsum and Agenzia DIRE, project partners. During the webinar, many interesting experiences were presented together with the work of Peer Education Teams and the project’s achievements.

The next stage of the project, on 17 November, was the final event with a prize-winning contest among students, which was heavily promoted in schools.


ANSA/EFE - Be aware, protect your future - An information and awareness campaign on intellectual propriety rights in Italy and Spain



During the project carried out by the two leading news agencies ANSA and EFE, one of the main targets have been young people. To reach them, several animated infographics were published, very simple to understand and very thought-provoking for a young audience.

These animated infographics were also published on the main social networks such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Daily Motion. They provided an entertaining way to learn more about intellectual property rights.

A web platform dedicated to students was involved as well, in order to reach young people where they exchange experiences related to their studies.


Camera di Commercio Terni – IPPI – IP, PLAY WITH IT



With the aim of attracting a larger audience, the section of the institutional website dedicated to the IPPI project was revamped and updated including the institutional logos . See the results at

The IPPI project recently carried out a series of interviews with entrepreneurs, whilst continuing to promote their activity through the social media channels.Soon to come, Mosaico Europa, the fortnightly newsletter focused on European issues of priority interest to Chambers of Commerce, will publish an article on the IPPI project.


Centrum Cyfrowe – Circulation of Digital Culture


Centrum Cyfrowe launched a #NoWorries campaign to raise awareness and encourage the online (re)use of public domains and Creative Commons licensed content, as well as explain how to correctly use the right to quote. The campaign was run by Centrum Cyfrowe and funded by a grant from the EUIPO. Music, films, and photographs are just some of the works available for free and legal use – you can disseminate, alter, remix, and use them to create your own works.

The report presents a wrap-up of the campaign, including information about the tools we used, the collaborators that were involved and some numbers. In the midst of global pandemic, the project had to be reinvented and adjusted to new circumstances. By moving most of its activities online, the project team managed to reach audiences and engage them, which resulted in useful exchanges.


DECO – Brain Ideas 2.0



The Brain Ideas 2.0 online area that hosts the Interactive Board Game and detailed information on IP topics is now fully operational.

In October, the Certified Teachers’ Training began with with the aim of discussing IP with teachers and promoting use of the Interactive Board Game in the classroom. The first 3 training sessions had 93 participants from 87 schools as well as experts from Portuguese IP institutions: IGAC and INPI. Teachers were challenged to set up their own awareness session with their students, with the project tools, before the end of this year. At the same time, a social media campaign started with 6 promotional banners about intellectual property.

In January, a new phase starts with 8 conferences in universities for future secondary level teachers to discuss the importance of teaching students about IP and to present project resources.
For more information visit DECOJovem and follow DECO and DECOJovem on Facebook.


Fondazione Politecnico di Milano - IP EXPERIENCE



The closing event in December of the IP Experience project will be a time for institutional stakeholders to present their views on the strategic value that IP brings to business activities. The event details can be found online at It will be an opportunity to show and promote the results and outputs of the project: the video interviews with entrepreneurs, the handbook on IP valorisation and the sharing of experiences between the Spanish and Italian partners, as well as the web-app storytelling game to convey messages on IP Rights. Inspired by the history of the invention of windsurfing, the web-app game entitled SURFING IP - The amazing story of the windsurf invention is focused on how decisions on IP matters can impact a new entrepreneurial activity. The web app will soon be available for free on the project website.


GRECCO – ‘Educating youngsters and secondary school teachers about copyright in Greece and Cyprus’



The Hellenic Copyright Organisation organised 6 webinars during the pandemic restrictions. Their success resulted in an extremely high demand by educators from all over Greece. It was not possible to meet the demand but more webinars are expected to take place in a later date.

Nearly 1 000 secondary school teachers were trained in 15 seminars held in Greece and 4 seminars held in Cyprus. 1 000 handbooks were also distributed. The project will be completed in early December.

SigmaLive, the partner of the project in Cyprus, launched a major campaign both in traditional and online media, with interviews and radio spots, articles and banners in some of the most popular news portals in Cyprus, while a video featuring one of the most popular performers among both Cypriot and Greek youngsters was produced. An online campaign was also launched in Greece with the creation of accounts in Facebook and Instagram, as well as Google Ads.

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LegalAid – IPR2Youth


The IPR2Youth project managed by two partner organizstions (Association for Legal Aid for Customers, Bulgaria and Consultis Ltd, Portugal) is in the concluding phase of its implementation. Despite the unfavourable conditions for direct face-to-face promotional events due to the pandemic, the project team exploited various channels and means to reach the audience in pursuit of achieving the main goal – to faciltate a wider number of young people and their relatives with knowledge of the essentials of the protection of the intellectual property rights. Using a mix of online channels and face-to-face meetings and presentations, the team and its partners reached out to more than 2.5 million people.

You can read more about the project on their website or check out their respective Facebook pages in Portugal and Bulgaria


ProArt - Music Moves Hungary: Big Student Music Test


The Music Moves Hungary initiative enters the second phase of its year-long project, called Big Student Music Test. It was launched on 16 November to inform students in an entertaining way about the music industry and the related copyright and piracy issues. The quiz will be open until February, 2021. Participants who fill in the quiz can win small prizes and those who reach the highest score the fastest will participate in the live final event, where they can play for a bigger prize and have a chance to meet their favourite musicians.

The programme is designed to present the abstract legal concepts of copyright in a real-life context and show how piracy affects the livelihood and creative process of artists. Linked with the Zeneguruképző programme (first phase of the project,, the quiz will also teach interested students about the music industry and inspire them to participate in the creative world. Most importantly, it will teach them how to protect their intellectual property rights.


Strategma Agency - IP Why Should I be bothered? Behaviours in Focus


The ‘IP: Why Should I Bother?’ campaign continues to support the creators of copyrighted digital content. To verify whether the messages reach the audience, a brief survey was conducted focusing on behaviours.

As observed already through various international surveys, youth attitudes to IP rights show that infringement of those rights cannot be put an end to only through law enforcement. As long as demand for pirate products persists, there will be supply. Also an essential part of the problem is that young people do not always perceive it as an ethical issue because of the easy access to unauthorised online content. It is well known that online it is easier not to care about the people affected by your actions... The detailed results of the survey are available in Bulgarian, Portuguese and Spanish at

More information on the IP: Why should I be Bothered? project is available in the same languages and in English at


University of Alicante (International Project Management Office/OGPI) – IP4Teen


The IP4Teen team, at the University of Alicante’s International Project Management Office (OGPI), is very proud of the level of success achieved by this project, giving online visibility to a powerful and important motto: Protect the Originals, Fight the Fakes! The OGPI IP4Teen team states: ‘The Covid pandemic has posed many challenges to the implementation of the many activities we planned. However, we were able to get a large number of high school teachers on board: more than 100 high school teachers from 24 different provinces all around Spain participated in our webinars and MOOC!’. To learn more about the OGPI IP4Teen MOOC, please watch

All OGPI IP4Teen project materials and learning resources remain freely available online at in English and Spanish, so the platform will continue to be accessible to educators and students all over Europe.