June 08, 2021 News

World Anti-Counterfeiting Day: launch of new awareness campaign


As part of the annual Pan-European Media Campaign and to mark World Anti-Counterfeiting Day on 8 June, the EUIPO is pleased to launch the 2021 Awareness campaign RISKS AND DAMAGES POSED BY IPR INFRINGEMENT IN EUROPE in all EU countries.

The COVID‑19 pandemic and the resulting rise in online shopping and accessing of digital content, has shed new light on the risks and damages posed by the infringement of intellectual property rights in Europe and put the dangers for consumers under a microscope.

On average nearly 1 in 10 Europeans (9 %) claimed that they were misled into buying counterfeits, and a third of Europeans (33%) wondered whether a product they had bought was original.

Counterfeits represent 6.8 % of EU imports, worth EUR 121 billion. They damage legitimate businesses, notably SMEs. Intellectual property is one of Europe’s most valuable assets, and a key element in our social and economic recovery.

IP crime, which is often linked to other types of illegal activities, has recently been reinstated as one of the top 10 EU priorities in the fight against organised crime.

The 2021 Pan-European awareness campaign has also launched a video , infographics and a press release . All resources are available in all EU languages and can be found here.

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