March 23, 2021 News

Fostering digital creativity in younger learners in the European School of Alicante


On 18 March, the IP in Education team organized a digital online training session for the upper primary teachers of the European School of Alicante. The objective was to pilot the new IP education materials which are being developed in the IP in Education project and to provide new ideas to teachers on how to use their school’s online platform and interactive digital tools in a creative way.

The programme included an interactive IP Quiz, a walk through the IdeasPowered@School resources, a short introduction to coding, information about the DigCompEdu self-assessment tool for teachers and a variety of practical online exercises. Furthermore, some new materials for primary – the Go Creative! game and the CitizenshIP lesson pack for European hours – were briefly introduced.

The training session was observed by two European school inspectors in charge of European Hours, Ms Schumacher from Germany and Mr Schimek from Austria. They congratulated the team for organizing an excellent online training with a focus on creativity and digital skills.