January 28, 2021 News

Update of the 2019 awareness grant beneficiaries

Camera di Commercio Terni – IP – Play with it (IPPI)

Terni Digital School is a local association that informs the Umbrian territory about digital issues and raises awareness of both digital technologies and entrepreneurship. They have hosted a Facebook Direct event during which the IPPI project was presented. The event, entitled ‘Blockchain, intellectual property and copyright’, covered the issue of blockchain and the protection of intellectual property.

The presentation can be accessed through the recorded Facebook Live link.

The IP – Play with it project aims to familiarise young people with the role of intellectual property in supporting healthy business and consumer environments.


Fondazione Politecnico di Milano – IP-EXPERIENCE

The IP-EXPERIENCE project ended on the 31 December 2020 and the closing event was held online on the 15 December. Along with the official presentation of the project’s results, the event was an opportunity to share some insights on trends, initiatives and guidelines that are ongoing at the European Union level to spread IP awareness and to strengthen the innovation potential of EU companies.

The event gathered more than 60 participants, ranging from secondary and university students, PhDs and researchers, teachers, entrepreneurs, patent attorneys, enterprises and other participants from public institutions.

The project’s results can be found here on the project website, including the Best Practices on IP valorization: Handbook on Italian and Spanish best practices of Intellectual Property exploitation and a story-telling game promoting the essential elements of IP rights.


LegalAid – IPR2Youth – Stimulating respect for intellectual property rights among young customers in Bulgaria and Portugal in support of innovation, creativity and entrepreneurship

Despite the official end of the IPR2Youth project, the relationships established during the project among various organisations working in the area of IP protection continue to produce new collaborative ideas. The Institute of Intellectual Property and Technology Transfer (based within the University of National and World Economy – Sofia, Bulgaria) joined the project, opening up new opportunities for the its activities. The project’s significant accomplishments include, among others, an informative booklet on IPR, a web platform providing interactive examples, and a video clip that has been broadcast more than 70 times on national TV. However, the most significant accomplishment was the creation of a network combining the two clusters located in Bulgaria and Portugal.


Legalna Kultura – Intellectual Property Rights? I get it!

During the pandemic, Poland’s Legalna Kultura Foundation has continued with its ambitious goal of creating an accessible IP culture for young people and encouraging their creativity and entrepreneurship. They have adapted their original programme to a combination of in person and online workshops and have created an imaginative and successful game.

Children (from as young as 9 years old) can use famous works of art from museums as the basis to freely develop their own creativity and design their own work. This enables them to simultaneously learn about culture and the ideas of IP rights, as well as developing their imagination and ingenuity.

The game will end with a competition with awards for each of the individual age groups. This competition will be jointly held on the project website, Facebook and Instagram. The created ‘artworks’ will be available on the project’s Fan page and Instagram.


ProArt – Music Moves Hungary: Big Student Music Test

The Music Moves Hungary Big Student Music Test was launched on the 16 November 2020 for students aged 14-24. It aims to educate them about copyright and piracy issues in the music industry and also encourage students to participate in the creative process with a better understanding of law and respect for creativity.

A series of videos called Zeneguruképző supported the successful completion of the test, and a second series of videos is on its way. The videos present the most popular Hungarian bands talking about the music industry, their creative process and the way pirated content affects their lives. The videos have received over 200 000 views so far.

The programme is designed to present the abstract legal concepts of copyright in a real-life context and show how piracy affects the livelihood and creative process of artists.

The quiz will be open until April 2021, culminating in a live event (with prizes) for the best 1 000 participants. Participants will also have a chance to meet their favourite musicians.


University of Alicante – IP4Teen

Although the project has recently ended, the IP4Teen project continues to raise awareness among European teenagers about the value of IP and the risks related to piracy and the purchase of counterfeit goods. The initiative was launched in October last year, with a pilot phase targeting secondary school teachers, who were invited to participate in the IP4Teen Massive Open Online Course.

This online course is now available, offering short modules with audiovisual resources on basic IP rights, such as trade marks, copyright, designs and patents. The different modules cover areas of special interest for teenagers, such as fashion, electronic devices and social networks. The IP4Teen platform also offers different teaching resources for educators willing to include IP as a complementary topic in their lessons.