March 27, 2020 News

13 new projects to boost awareness of the value of IP and of the negative effects of IPR infringement

EUIPO contributes EUR 1 million to national awareness projects targeting European citizens and youngsters, selected from an open and competitive call for proposals

From news outlets, brand associations, cultural foundations to consumer associations, EUIPO is supporting organisations in nine countries to boost awareness of the value of IP and of the negative effects of counterfeiting and piracy. In this third edition of the awareness grants programme, the Office is providing financial support to 13 different projects across the European Union.

The selected projects, targeted at European citizens, teachers, young people and children, will implement a number of participative activities, such as school programmes, consumer campaigns, interactive seminars and youth events, and contribute to raising awareness through the production of attractive open digital content, new educational material and social media dissemination by influencers and vloggers.

The 2019 edition, which is currently facing some initial structural constraints due to the Covid‑19 outbreak situation, builds on the success of the previous grant scheme that reached 60 million Europeans in 10 countries.

Find out more about this year’s projects and beneficiaries:

Music Moves Hungary – all you ever wanted to know about music but never dared to ask (Hungary)

Aimed at young people aged 16-24, the ProArt Hungarian Copyright Alliance project is conducting awareness-raising activities through videos with Hungarian influencers (artists, vloggers and musicians), wrapped up in a cloak of games and quizzes on IP issues. The project includes a final live event.

Brain Ideas – consumers respect intellectual property (Portugal)

The Portuguese Association for Consumer Protection (DECO) aims to teach secondary level students about IP and the value of ideas, as well as reaffirm the importance of respecting authors, companies and brands that create new products.

Educating youngsters and secondary school teachers about copyright (Greece and Cyprus)

The Hellenic Copyright Organization (HCO) will contribute to educate teachers and students of secondary education through seminars, the production of educational material, and the launch of two national media campaigns.

Peers Say No! – peer recommendations for a more respectful attitude towards IP (Italy)

Italy’s Association for the Defense of Consumers and the Environment (Adiconsum) goal is to build awareness, understanding and a more conscientious approach among children on how to recognize the lawful provision of goods and digital content from that which is illegal, pirated, or counterfeit. They also aim to encourage the stigmatization of illegal behavior, the exchange of positive messages with peers and help with disseminating the opportunities and advantages of accessing music and films from legal sources.

IP4Teen (Spain)
With “IP4Teen – broadening the perspective of educators and teenagers on the importance of IP and the risks of counterfeiting”, the University of Alicante (UA) is targeting current and future educators to engage with teenagers – via curricular or extracurricular activities – to increase their knowledge and respect of IPR. The project’s flagship feature is a free online course.

IP, play with it! – IPPI (Italy)
The initiative aims to develop effective and innovative training tools based on interactive approaches, where young people can understand the role of IP protection in healthy business and consumer environments. The learning activities and infotainment material are partly based on game theory.

Intellectual property rights? I get it! (Poland)

Poland’s Legalna Kultura Foundation aims to strengthen personal, social and learning competences and encourage creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship. Among others, workshops for 4 different age groups of students and teachers are underway, and the project also envisages mass media dissemination.

IPR2Youth (Bulgaria and Portugal)

Stimulating respect for the IP rights of inventors, creators and artists through various awareness-raising activities is at the heart of this project. Parallel activities will take place in both countries: launch of an online campaign with tailor-made information and materials for dissemination, local and cross-border face-to-face events, and the publication of promotional articles in specialized and mainstream media.

IP – Experience (Italy)

Fondazione Politecnico di Milano aims to engage university and high school students (aged 15 to 24) on the topic of intellectual property rights, its principles and economical value, through a programme of workshops and live events to be held in Milan and Barcelona.

IP rights (Italy and Spain)

A project to improve news coverage on IP issues by two leading national news agencies, the Italian Agenzia Nazionale Stampa Associata (ANSA) and the Spanish international news agency ‘EFE’. It includes multimedia production and news distribution targeted at a wide and differentiated public with a particular focus on young people.

IP: why should I be bothered? (Bulgaria, Spain and Portugal)

Through a challenge and a chain game in social media, the release of infographics and instructional videos, the plan aims to discourage the use of illegal sources, reinforce the fact that counterfeiting can jeopardize innovation, and raise awareness of the fact that counterfeit goods harm creators and artists.

Circulation of Digital Culture (Poland and Netherlands)

The Polish Centrum Cyfrowe Foundation will contribute to raising awareness of open licensing as a tool for understanding IP better. YouTube will be used as one of the main platforms to share the message.

IP Hero (Italy)
Italy’s Indicam is creating a cartoon superhero called IP HERO to convey an important message to users on the importance of IP protection. As a ‘custodian’ of IP, he will raise awareness and spread useful information online on the fight against counterfeiting and other illicit activities.