February 25, 2020 News

Expert Workshop: ‘Working together to enhance trade mark protection on e-commerce marketplaces’, 25 February, Alicante.


Representatives from e-commerce marketplaces and the EUIPO are meeting in Alicante today, for a first exploratory workshop, to discuss opportunities and concrete ways to jointly develop the EUIPO’s initiatives envisioned in its Strategic Plan 2025 to adapt its services to the growth of e-commerce.

The workshop will focus on EU trade mark (EUTM) rights and be structured around three main issues — information resources on trade mark rights, access to the IP protection programmes of e-commerce marketplaces and exchange of information. The aim is to enhance trade mark protection on e-commerce marketplaces. This first gathering will pave the way for a broader event and discussions with IP owners.

The workshop is offering an opportunity for the EUIPO and e-commerce marketplaces to present information resources and initiatives, and explore how they could develop cooperation to promote and facilitate access to trade mark rights with e-commerce focused SMEs.