September 10, 2019 News

Case-law Collection on the Liability and Obligations of Intermediary Service Providers

IPR Enforcement Case-Law Collection

Online intermediary service providers bring together or facilitate transactions between third parties on the internet. As the services offered and business models used have evolved, the liability and obligations of online intermediaries have become an important subject of jurisprudential developments and debate.

A new case-law collection report dealing with this topic has been prepared by the Observatory, through the Knowledge Circle Enforcement.

The collection focuses on the liability and obligations of intermediary service providers in the European Union, and gives an overview of relevant decisions of the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) as well as of national courts in 14 selected EU Member States.

The full report can be found here .

An important activity of the Observatory and the Knowledge Circle Enforcement consists of monitoring, collecting and analysing European case-law on the enforcement of IP rights. For information on case-law activities, see the Observatory’s case-law page

More information can be also found in eSearch Case Law, the EUIPO tool for EUIPO decisions and judgments of the General Court, the CJEU and national courts.