June 18, 2019 General

Anti-Counterfeiting Blockathon Forum Workshop

On 5-6 June 2019 the EUIPO hosted the first meeting of the Anti-counterfeiting Blockathon Forum, launched in partnership with the European Commission early this year. The forum is a follow up of the successful EU Blockathon2018 coding competition.

The 30 forum participants, that provided comments to define the use case, were invited to the meeting and represented rights holders, logistic operators, customs officials, blockchain/tech companies and policy-makers. After intensive discussion, an anti-counterfeiting use case was further developed and a preliminary commitment was made to carry out a pilot. The pilot will focus on testing the Blockathon 2018 winning solution elaborated around a digital twin principle, and it will be carried out in collaboration with key partners active in the supply chain such as logistic operators and rights holder. The detailed requirements will be shared with the forum in coming weeks and as a basis for further definition of follow-up pilots.

The forum is open to all parties interested in Blockchain based anti-counterfeiting solutions, and participation is free of charge. The forum provides a platform for exchange of knowledge and collaboration between committed stakeholders. It is aimed at supporting the building of the next level of anti-counterfeiting infrastructure based on an open source protocol interconnecting various proprietary tracking and tracing solutions as well as existing technical anti-counterfeiting tools.

The EUIPO has taken a leading role in this Anti-Counterfeiting Blockathon project as it is in a unique position to promote open collaboration and communication between the EU institutions, private stakeholders and enforcement authorities notably through the tools like the IP Enforcement portal.