February 08, 2017 News

Croatian IPO’s raising awareness campaign

"Do not buy a cat in a sack..."

Consumers FAQs on Copyright

The campaign under the slogan “Do not buy a cat in a sack“, on risks related to online purchase of counterfeit and pirated goods was organized by the Croatian National coordination for the enforcement of intellectual property rights. The campaign was carried out in two periods during 2016 – during February and March and during November and December, in the time of increased online shopping.

The campaign aims to raise citizen awareness of counterfeit and pirated goods that are sold online as originals, inform citizens with legal, financial, health and security risks and possible damaging consequences of such a purchase and provide them with the information and advice on protection against purchases of such goods.

The national campaign was launched on 23rd February 2016 at a press conference in the premises of the State Intellectual Property Office in Zagreb.

The campaign was announced through the official website, on social networks of the coordination mechanism (Twitter and Facebook account #STOPkrivotvorinama #STOPiratstvu), on billboards, in the cinemas and in the media.

The campaign emphasized that the greatest victims of counterfeiting are consumers, who buy a counterfeit product confident to have bought a genuine product. In the framework of the activities of the campaign consumers were advised that in the case of buying content protected by copyright online, to choose content legally offered on the internet, and in the case of buying products designated with a protected trademark, to choose products offered by right holders or authorized internet distributors of such products. Consumers need to be very cautious and learn how to identify fraudulent websites, in order to be able to eliminate or significantly reduce the risk from buying counterfeit products so not to be buying “a pig in a poke” (or “a cat in a sack” in Croatian) in the end. From this as the general message of the campaign the overall title of the campaign derived and the visual identity of the campaign was constructed around a black cat in a sack.

For the purpose of the campaign informational and educational materials (leaflets and posters) were prepared and distributed both in physical and in electronic form, a dedicated video (cartoon) was made and presented on several occasions during the media coverage of the campaign as well as an audio advertisement (jingle) announcing the activities of the campaign which was run on major radio stations in Croatia. The Social networks of the coordination mechanism (Twitter and Facebook) were also using the visual identity of the campaign and promoting the activities performed under the campaign.

At the end of the campaign, a round table entitled "The counterfeiting and piracy - challenges of the digital age" for the wider professional community was organized.  It was held on 14th December 2016 at the premises of the House of Europe in Zagreb.

During the campaign, over 242,000 campaign leaflets and 135 posters were distributed to citizens and 100 billboard posters were posted in public areas in 16 Croatian major cities.

The information on the campaign was published on the Internet portals (85 publications), on the radio (12 radio broadcasting), on the TV (22 television broadcasting) and in the newspapers (14 articles).

Activities under the campaign performed during the year were financed under the Bilateral Cooperation Agreement 2016 between SIPO and EUIPO.
The national campaign “Do not buy a cat in a sack “has caused great interest of the citizens, professional community and media, and it can be evaluated as highly successful.

Source: State Intellectual Property Office of the Republic of Croatia